the frequency of egregiously inaccurate asset trading prices in trust is getting out of hand

as of tight now, i have virtually nothing ($2) left in one asset, that trust is now telling me is valued at almost 3k, $300 in another asset trust is telling me is worth $50, and $50 in another trust says is worth $10.

this is becoming far too common. fake sky bound rallies, at 100k%+, that never happened, and barreling our 99% correction that arent real.

if any traders are simply reliant on trust, this is sure to cause mislead panic selling and blind buying.

what exactly is causing this, and what does the road ahead look like in regards to remedying it?

ive heard decimal positions can be manually altered somehow, but that seemed to be in regards only to personal app data.

are security layers being breached to alter these valuations? it seems they’re multiplying now the more protocols are finally adopting Oracle’s - the opposition of what instinct says should be the outcome.

Hello @Aeison trust wallet obtains pricing info from CMC. Today there was an issue with CMC but already fixed. Read more here about prices: Where Does Trust Wallet Get Coin Pricing Data From?


copy that, thank you.

i don’t follow coin market cap,because i found their inaccuracy rate to be far too high… so that makes sense as to why i couldn’t find a consistency between trusts estimated valuations and any trackers i use.

all trackers appear to have regular discrepancies, which is truly just disappointing, but cmc just seems to harber reservoirs of frequent flaws, far deeper than the rest.

has chainlink or any other popular oracle tried developing a solution for this? I’ve heard some countries are cracking down on inaccurately reported digital asset values, so someone should probably do something soon. ha