The Integration of TRX and Steemit is Coming

In February 2020, Steemit and the Tron Foundation entered into a strategic partnership.

As a result of that partnership we are delighted to announce the integration of the TRON token, TRX, into the Steem ecosystem, which will be live in a few hours!

Users will now be able to earn additional TRX rewards alongside Steem Power when posting content on the Steem blockchain.

This is a major step forward in the mutual growth and development of the Steem and TRON blockchains.

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Been a Steemit user for like 4 years now. Steemit is dying: no more contests, bloggers or bounties. Especially content related to crypto.
Change my mind

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This Integration may bring positive change for the platform.


Yeah… well that’s really what I’m hoping for.

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