The transaction has passed, but the wallet balance has not changed (erc20 to bep20)

Good afternoon, please help me solve the problem
I transferred from my Trust Walle USDT (ERC20) to USDT BEP20 BNB Smart Chain. The transaction was successful, the funds in the coin are displayed, but not in the main wallet. Help me to understand
hash: 0x969a7bfc3f135f4b50fe18f2407e90e30018e5fceebb62fb96a92648f508d258
Incoming wallet: 0x7a67e59cbae0ebd774f71e8f7f7010a29cff70c2


@butkovaeelena That USDT token is a scam token and hence why it doesn’t display a logo or price in your app.


I transferred 0.17784004 LTC from my Bybit to Trust wallet! Status of the transfer is completed and successful on Trust Wallet and Bybit but my Trust wallet LTC address balance is 0, and does not show LTC!

Pls I will like you to help me.

Receiving Trust Wallet: ltc1qpzram9ql8kpjfwulkjst5zuew8nfpmxhqx6juq

Sending Bybit wallet: LRJarWJbCXGxS6uYpLzw7LdufYoaG4YE6G

Transaction Hash: fcd5dc8abf95bd6f3b542e39a066912b7580629b11dbc729a18c0bf52c7da361


@J0sh You could consider switching your network and then refreshing your wallet.
But also as long as you can see your tokens on your address on the explorer, then your tokens are in your wallet.

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Hi, I received Bitcoin from a friend few minutes ago. It shows completed but my Walter balance still reads $0.

My address: bc1qnddphlmhgupmmedlk7m3f4mlkd9mgs9g32s3zc

Transaction hash: dcf0d189e421e5b110a57e37f03a3ff49ff73dd40c90c5ae8077b2adcdd14554