The YFXXX DeFi Tokens keep increasing

These defi project token name that starts with YFxxx keeps increasing on a daily basis. I guess all are imitation of the first one, (YFI) and it gets attention with a huge price and a very low supply. That is why this YFxxx tokens are popping out from nowhere hoping they will get same success like YFI, some are actually getting listed but I feel they won’t last. Many scam tokens imitating YFI on telegram, twitter etc, we need to be careful and DYOR well before diving into all these tokens.


Yes are so right am seeing so many YFxxx apart from the YFI and YFII all others are either scam or they won’t last. So becareful


If the new ones are improving then it is good otherwise it is just to copy and use the YFI unaudited code.

I see though one exception though- YFII (DeFi money), which is forked on YIP8 of YFI. The team came out from YFI due to disagreement and has a lot of potential.


This topic is copied from bitcointalk and you use a Paraphrasing tool to make the paragraph looks different. :rofl: