There's a wallet bug

Hello, I just manually added a token and it was in my wallet, now, I want to remove it and it does not go away, even I repeatedly toggle it off. The token is TYS (TYSLIN)


Check your internet connection and then multi task restart the application


thanks, I’m trying to remove the token since two days already, other tokens are ok (add/remove)

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Could you give more information:

  • Application version
  • Token details: blockchain, contract address decimals, etc
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After updating the application,< >follow these instructions> Backup < How to Backup a Multi-Coin Wallet > your current wallet then import
< How to Import a Wallet & Our Top Tips To Do So Securely > your backup as a new multi coin wallet in Trust may help.

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Contract add

my trust wallet version

thanks :ok_hand:

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If its custom added by you, please try to swipe it on assets menu.

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I have the same problem but with another token,it seems to me that u can’t remove manually added tokens no?

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Tried this many times but with no luck.

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Go to your custom and uncheck it.

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You can go to the custom tag and uncheck it please.

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I can only Add a custom token,not remove.

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I’m using wallet version 1.12.4

Backup your current wallet then import your backup as a new multi coin wallet in Trust may help.

If there is a bug then I think you may recieve done reward from trust team

There is no error in the wallet that needs import from the backup. the user Adds custom token and wants to remove it.

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I have gone through the same test before… help me Import…

Please follow this guide :