Theta coins and Tfuel is showing 0 when I have some

Hi team,

I currently store my theta tokens on my mobile trust wallet. I have mobile theta wallet on the same phone and I would like to transfer the tokens to there. But it’s giving me an error when I try to transfer the tokens. It doesn’t give me a specific error but it’s saying something went wrong. I do have enough tfuels for transaction purposes. I was wondering if I could get some help. Thanks

Update: please help

After updating the app and reimporting the account, my theta and theta fuels are showing up as 0. But when I check theta site, it’s still there in the same account. Please help.

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There is only one theta coin within trust wallet that you can use. Theta tokens are not supported yet

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Now I find out that I cant send the coins back to Binance…

Actually trust wallet does support theta token now.

Sorry can somebody help me please?
After reinstalling the app , my thetas are showing up as 0.

But theta record shows that I still have theta in my account.

Do you mean this one? It is a coin not a token.
Theta fuel is the theta token from the link you’ve provided

Yes that’s the one. It’s showing up as 0 after updating the app and re-importing it.

Theta Fuel is the operational token of the Theta protocol. It is the second token in the Theta protocol that works in conjunction with the main Theta Token itself

Hi. I also having a problem with Theta token deposit to my Trust wallet.
It showes received but doesnt reflect on the ballance.
Same issue with TFuel, its received, but ballance doesnt shows it…?
Please assist here.

Hi @strypas,

The team has already determined the issue with the THETA nodes. Their nodes are a bit unstable, and we are working on a fix. Your funds are SAFU.

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Do you guys have a ETR for the fix?


Hi guys, seems like I can see my balance now.


Good to hear d good news from you… Your funds z safu with trust wallet

Trust Wallet Team are great and simply the best. Always going to any length to make sure challenges encountered by Community Members are resolved.

Well done @TrustTeam!

This is great! The challenges are not just resolved but, always resolved on time.

This is simply amazing!

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