Thoughts on Beefy

Hello peeps, hope you are all well.

Looking through the available dApps via Trust Wallet, I stumbled upon Beefy Finance. It turns out that they have crazy ROIs and APYs at the moment. (i.e. Cake-TWT pool, APY of 913%).

twt beefy

What’s your experience with Beefy so far? Is it safe to use? Also, how’s the user experience so far for you?
From what I can tell, everything looks good for now. I made a small deposit and staked in a pool and everything was smooth. They have a lot of pools available at the moment.

I’m waiting for your feedback too!

Happy Holidays!


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Thought am the only one waiting to see testimony, any info on those who have click on beefy am still not clear on APY (almost 1000).

been using beefy for a while now, absolutely love it, i used to go and harvest all myself, now I have more time on my hands as beefy does it all for me and I just watch it grow. Admins are super responsive in group chat, site works perfect, more vaults being added all the time.

Be aware there is a 0.1% fee using the vaults, so factor that into calculations and as always DYOR!