ThunderToken in TrustWallet (TT)

Hello Trust’s,

About the TT ThunderToken the plataform use you own wallet to provide a gains to you throught your miner inside of the plataform. Better than this you can mining inside the plataform and transfer the gains to your TrustWallet.

1 - Download the ThunderToken wallet in your smartphone

2 - Create your new account (Wait for the Bonus to your gain around 5 TT)

3 - Claim for your TT Bonus

4 - Click in Icon WEB and Favorit the TT Mining

5 - Inside the TT Mining, click in Bind a Refeer (Bind Now)
Can use my refeer code OBWVQB **
***** Let’s Help Each other :smiley:

6 - After this you can evereyday withdraw funds of the mining and increase your gains, TT provide Diary gains with a TT Bonus (make a many withdraws per day and TT will give you bonus like 1 TT / 2 TT / 5 TT (It’s variable).

7 - if you want can send your TT for your TrustWallet (just turn on the Token)

That’s it !!!

Best Regards,

Leon Rod


Yes. I use the app and mine daily. Sometimes I leave it for 3days before I click the TT mining to collect token then transfer to my trust wallet.


That is very interesting…didn’t know you can do that in trust wallet

My personal opinion that staking is best than mining


How to stake TT in trust wallet?

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In TrustWallet not possible Yet my friend.

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