Time to buy & Time to sell

In every business, it is important to know the right time to invest and the right time to cash out profit. If you don’t do either of the two the right time, you will definitely loose out.
In cryptocurrency, talking from experience and what has happened in history, we are still in a good buying period. I mean if you are willing to buy, it’s not too late. Though, it would have been good you bought last year.
After buying, when is the right time to sell to make profit?
Many people ask this question but the truth is, nobody has a perfect or absolute answer to this. The only advise I give people is; don’t be greedy. Let your right instinct direct you. Once you have made some profit, try to get some out and do it gradually until you finish selling at a profitable rate and then, take a break and wait for the right time to buy again.
Good luck guys.


Really thanks bro, Everyone should know it

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That is a very thoughtful trading tips.
Remove greediness and be disciplined with your trading ethics.

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Thanks for the tips.

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That is very important. Thank you for the information.

Yup, easy too say but so hard to do. :crazy_face::crazy_face:

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Possible idea…can you not just invest and let it grow?

@Showlitenetwork very good thoughts, and most important to do that. Make your own portfolio of Assets, diversificate your investiments is so very important too.

For Cryptocurrencies, know more about the Assets (not only invest in One Single Asset), read the Whitepapers and choose the best option for you :cowboy_hat_face:

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You have said it all. Thanks