Tips for Successful Trading

Dear Wonderful Trusteers,
I propose/suggest that those Trusteers who are good in Cryptocurrency Trading, should periodically, share with the Community from their wealth of knowledge & experience.

It could be in the form of Tips for Successful Trading, Strategies, What to look out for/ observe in trading, etc. As well as things to avoid.

I know the place of DYOR, but experience & expertise cannot be underrated.

Or what do you think, beloved Community Members? Your opinion is highly solicited.



I also want to know please help us

Trading with the amount you can afford to lose. Always Do Your Own Research before entering any trade


always trading with low levrage and your own research

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That would be great if traders would like to share their knowledge !

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Well, idea is reasonable, but still need to clarify something:

  1. If we talk about tips, trades and such system it should be done at least on other platform. We may try to talk about the rules of this kind of group and chat, create it on community level. Even we can ask moderators here to help us establish some decent chatroom in telegram, with twttipbot and some antiscam/spam/bot protection. (It will be still some scammers, of course)
    If it will be strict civil trade group with all respect to strictlyest rules and with expertise. So no post without longread and clear opinion on what when who. And with community poll on it that çan be provided by other experts members like agree or not. And all can go to that channel and see forecast, math to it, experts agree or not and forecaster overall rating. And it all on binance dex, guys, imo)
  2. If you talking about trading study information then there is lot of better sources on it, and this particular forum will be slightly offtopic to post it. But, if community will agree, imo, there can be a place to store some books about trading) And it will be titles for DYOR with annotation, imo again. That will help prewent posting of some spam links and so.

Ah, an one last thing - those system will work only if chat users will tip twt from they own wallets) So it will be fair and community driven;)

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Please, Community Members, let’s have your tips for successful trading.

Let’s help the “Newbies.”

Thank you very much!