To make human errors reversible on dlt

I recently sent funds to a wrong address i contacted the platform and was told that there was nothing anyone could do as it was sent to a address which was in control by a automated system which then lead me to think . When transferring large amounts of money why does a system built on transparency and trust not have a way for users not to make errors. If smart contracts could reject funds or send back funds that shouldn’t be sent there . For example nothing was returned back to my wallet and the funds are in the smart contracts address which i have been told its impossible to recover. I really don’t know where to ask for advice or who to go to. Why should addresses be able to keep funds which do not belong there and why can’t I get them back after all the blockchain will varify that they belong to me and were sent to the smart contracts address with nothing returned to me.

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Hello @Doublev78
Trust wallet is decentralized, which means you are in total control of your wallet and assets. We have no way to recover, refund or reverse confirmed transactions.