Token amount not show in trust wallet after claim , transaction are see on the blockchain .. help pleade


I have claim token, i can see transaction on history trust wallet and from I consult blockchain : crypto had write send to my wallet adress.

I have add token contract in my list of crypto but amount aren’t see in your app. I would like amount on my app …

Many many many people send message and says they are your support.

I have found this adress on your site, can you explain or work for i can see my crypto on my app please ?

Many people who have another wallet haven’t this issue…

I have need your help please….

I also try create a ticket but without succès … I try a solution since 2 days now…


@Kal1a Please try switching your internet connection and then reimporting your wallet

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I have resolve it so , for people they don’t show amount of DOGEVERSE or other Token , (amount at 0 )

1rst vérification : adress of token / Number of décimal of your token

0/ add token contrat from coin gecko or another true site

1/copie on a post it the adress of good site internet from claim / buy / where you had stake

2/ revoke smart contrat ( in security or wallet or connexion section on trust or other )

3/ come back on thé site write on post it

4/ verify ALL DATA on new smart contrat (because Many site are false and you can see only when you import smart contrat so VERIFY 3 Times it’s good adress /good site /good information
:arrow_right: a little little litle doubt ? Revoke , go to thé bed and come back with someone can help you but never accept a smart contract if you aren’t absolutly sure it’s ok because if you accept and isn’t good smart contrat : your wallet will be empty before you can says « sh…it »

5/ if you été absolutely sure it’s good smart contrat : import

6/verify amount of your token

This is a feedback « i can show amount of a new token on my (trust ) wallet «

Hope can help someones

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And thanks 10x at Toby who have give time for help me and brainstorm with me :rose::rose::rose:

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Hi i cant claim my dogeverse tokens i brought in the pre sale, when i go to the website to claim my tokens ,it gets stuck in my trust wallet Dapp, does anyone eles having the same problem?
When i search the website in the dapp and i click on it it says its reported risky and to go back
I am worried because because i can claim for my dogeverse.
Would be grateful if anyone here can help me

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@Husey1n1994 If you have a warning when trying to access that website, it could most likely be a dangerous link and hence why you’re getting a warning message.
It’s best to do proper research if that website is actually legit to avoid losing assets already in your wallet.

I claimed a token and shortly after claiming the token…i witneesed my currency being ‘zeroed out’ amd when i go to click kn the explorer link…there is a transactions. The history of the trasactioms shows my wallet aftess being deposited and then it shows another address to where my coincs were sent. Amount of the coins i had accumulated was over 1500$ and then the very mext day my SOL clincs were zeroed out…i
I did try reimporting my wallet and its still the same. I dont know what to do…i am quite peeved about this and very upset. I put all my savings into the kraken wallet saw an opportunity to double my currency, imoved the coins from my “Kraken wallet” and into this Trust wallet. After moving my cryptocurrency to my Trust Wallet :relieved: yhis issue happened. And i had no issue with Kraken…
PLEASE :pray: HELP ME :pray: WITH THIS ISSUE :angry:

@RalphM80 You clicked a scam link and hence got your wallet compromised via that. Please create a new wallet and stop using the compromised wallet immediately.

I deposited usdt Trc20 to my usdt trust wallet both the wallet and token are correct but I did not get my balance in my wallet since yesterday

Thank you and how will i go about retrieving my xrp and my sol. And do i go about making another wallet in the same wallet. Am i able to get that back or how :thinking: do i go about getting my clins back.

I also have the addresses they went to and can providr that if you need that done

@RalphM80 Unfortunately, there is no way to recover or refund confirmed transactions on the blockchain, please be careful next time.