Token Grouping and Manual Sort Order

Hello, i’d like to put forward a wallet functionality suggestion.

I’d love to be able to make ‘groups’ to put my tokens into. Even better if they could expand and collapse in the list. One step further would be sub-totals of values and % change for the group as a whole.

I would use it for things like “Mainstream Coins”, “Meme Coins”, “Scam Coins”. Or even group by Blockchain etc. I’d like to be able to separate and order them manually and see how each group is doing. The Scam Coins group would stay permanently collapsed of course :wink:

Perhaps allocating manual ‘Order Number’ to each token in your list would be good too. If I want Polkadot at the top of the list in my wallet then I could set it to List Order = 1 etc.

Just my suggestion.