Token price no not updating

I have token in my wallet but the price of that is not updating, more the transaction history of that is not showing


It might be from the token team end, I’m not sure it’s trust wallet end.

I think same problem trust wallet

I have some tokens on trust, they show price before but now it show nothing, then I try to get more info and I find out that tsome tokens don’t have volume for some days or months, so that’s why I said I don’t think it’s trust wallet end.

Or you might also need to download latest version of trust if you don’t have, that might just solve the problem.


You have to understand how token/coins price update works. Let me clear,

What you see in trust wallet like price update, charts, informations etc are imported from coinmarketcap. Trust wallet is integrated with coinmarketcap, so if trust wallet doesn’t show that info then it’s because coinmarketcap doesn’t have that info for certain reason. For example, previously coin A shows detail charts, price etc as because coin A is listed in coinmarketcap and also coin A has daily trading. But now Trust wallet doesn’t show it’s value because that coin doesn’t have daily trading or delisted from coinmarketcap. As simple as that. Hope you understand.


Ok i got it, but what about transaction history, it is also not showing

That’s it, you right mate👍

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