Token symbol = ERC20

Wanted to add a new token to my wallet, but didn’t work, because token symbol was set to ERC20, which is wrong. Other token added before were shown. So uninstalled the wallet and installed new. Wanted to add my tokens, but always symbol as been set = ERC20, also the ones that were shown correctly before.


Hello @MaBo
This will be reported and looked into, thanks for the feedback.


Any updates on this or maybe already known when this will be fixed? Trust wallet is not to use with this bug.

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@MaBo Please check your app store for an app update.
The issue has been resolved on the new update.

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Which version is the new? Play store only shows me 8.0.1, which is from 16th

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@MaBo It’s currently being rolled out, just keep an eye out for the update on your app store.