Token vs Coin in crytocyrancy

Any one with different between token and coin?

Coins are the confirmed cryptocurrencies that can be used for transactions directly like Bitcoin and ethereum while tokens are under the coins and need to be converted to coins before you can use them. It is like little drops of water that makes a mighty ocean.

Well, there are some tokens much better off to coins. Some coins are as uselss than what I don’t know. But the truth remains; a coin will gain more trust than a token as a result of so many exit scam we have these days.

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Token(Airdrop) ------>Coin( cryptocurrencies)
(Haven’t price) (have price)


The word coin typically applies to every cryptocurrency which has its own independent blockchain. Any cryptocurrency built on top of the current blockchain may be referred to as a digital coin or tokens.
It may be easier to conceive about such words using a clear example for new cryptocurrency investors. In fact, coins are like a base or a structure of a house for a cryptocurrency. In comparison, tokens are an extension to an established network in crypto-currency. It is usually considered more complicated and time-consuming to create a brand new blockchain and launch a coin.

Example of Some Coins: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tron (TRX), Monero (XMR) etc
Example of some tokens: HEX, Cartesi etc are built on Ethereum network. BitTorrent, Just etc are built under Tron network.


Thanks a lot on the clarification between coin and tokens.