Token Waves

Accidentally send a Waves token to a friend’s Waves Trust address, how do I find that token?

Enviei um token Waves acidentalmente para o endereço Waves na Trust de um amigo, como ele pode encontrar esse token?


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WAVES can be sent and received on the wallet.
However, WAVES based tokens is not yet fully supported.
This is already on the roadmap but no timeline yet.
Please stay tuned.
Rest assured the tokens are on the wallet.


Any way to get the private key for waves wallet sir? I tried with iancoleman and waves wallet with the recovery phrase but the wallet address in trust and native wallet are different.

Or it will be developed in future.


WAVES custom tokens are supported. In TrustWallet you need to add a custom token. Select The Waves network from the dropdown. Then from the Waves wallet you need to look at the asset information and copy the asset ID and paste this into the Contract Address field in TrustWallet. Finally, enter the name, symbol and number of decimals. These are all on the asset page in the Waves wallet.

You can now sent this token from the Waves exchange to your TrustWallet.

Hope this helps.