Tokens missing after pancake swap - Saturna

Hi I purchased Saturna using pancake swap V2 today and I have received the wrong amount.

It appears that the decimal may be in the wrong place.
I should have received 1,635,732,000.9 saturna.
Yet only received 1.635 saturna.
Please help.

Here is the transaction hash -

Here is the wallet address -

I am using the newest version of trust wallet.

I was advised to attempt recreating the custom token with 9 decimal places, however this continually bounces me back to the existing token with the same balance, even when I have disabled it first.


I tried this: community.trustwallet .com/t/how-to-add-a-custom-token/213

Added 9 decimal places and now the token shows but without pricing. Is this something PancakeSwap just needs to update?

I experienced the same thing. 900,000,000 became 0.9
See transaction here.

bscscan 0x7c06447312f22338e90c1a9177187a9a3b9d8e337795a04e3f4dabcbed7b7189

@PancakeSwap Please provide an update.

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Please Help Me…I bought Saturna Coins Using PanCakeSwap on trust wallet app, I used BNB smartchain to buy it. But i haven’t recieved Any saturna token. I tried adding it as Coustom token which only showed to number of tokens and not the $. Please help as soon as you can.

This is transcation id it shows sucessful transaction…
Please help me​:pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3:

I need assistance with this as well. The bacscan shows the correct amount, however it says 1.3 not 1,300,000,000 (around that amount). Please help

I am having the same problem. I should have around 2,100,000,000 Saturna tokens but my trust wallet is only showing 2.1 SATs. Can you please look into this? my wallet address is 0x6B5f58498887e2d1927415dE007bB38E7d4Ad092 @trustwallet @pancakeswap

Hi Luke
Have you managed to fix your issue with SAT ? I have sane issue, hence love to hear from you

Thank you

I am having the exact same issue, the decimal seems to be off on the transaction and I am missing several million coins now.

I didn’t get any of the Saturna Tokens after my transaction. It just took my WBNB and left me empty.

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Quite a very simple to thing to resolve. However you Need to be careful. Message+17158691870 Trustwallet

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I got it figured out. Had to make adjustments to some options when swapping.

Quite a few scammers here, though, pushing those phone numbers.

I lost all my fast moon after I swap pancake
I can see the token symbol but I don’t see the share can u help please

I’m missing $1400 from a transfer in pancake swap. I have the transaction code of the order

Have you managed to get correct number of Saturna token? If yes, how? Your input is highly appreciated.
Thank you

@Kiranadh the problem has already been solved, re import your wallet if problem persists: How to Re-Import your Wallet