Tokens not recieved

Hello everyone,

I’m hoping someone can help me out. I purchased some Sonic Inu (contract: 0x426A5e02e74DD271338A8CcF9969E3e7d4A9dc39) through Trustwallet using the PancakeSwap dApp. The transaction seemed to be successful and my BNB was taken but I did not receive any Sonic Inu. I tried adding it as a custom token (which I have done a number of times with other tokens) but the balance shows up as 0. So I decided to check bscscan and it seems to confirm that I bought 1,340,065,989 tokens but they don’t appear in my wallet.

The Txn Hash is: 0x65288fe544df052125d26213d415528b65a23d51a3ffe7fbb33d05ee2914dfbd

My wallet address is: 0x890a97742940bee6e0f00415a55e0c51ecc59b15

My Trustwallet version is: 5.24

Thank you!

@zeethree that could be problem with the token itself not wallet. Reach out token team for support.