Tokens not reflected

Hi I don’t see my funds in my wallet. Recipient address is DE3FroYxyfYk47fyh2Yuwq9rnyo3vWbxP5 and the Hash is b4f46e237f866b30ceb5115818789722546648eef3fd688faf19dea2cbd7d908. It’s going on 9 days now!. Please help!

Hi, @UWILL send more details on your issue. Where did you send from and to?

I was sending my dodge token to my Binance chain wallet to purchase Safemoon! However when I sent the token from Dodge to BNB Chain it’s not showing in my BNBChain wallet. It shows my funds in Dogecoin wallet still

Thanks for your quick response, Safemoon app is simply selected but with 0 coins, nothing has been received!

Safemoon Van Bitmart naar Safemoonadres van Trust Wallet, op de blockchain is het verwerkt, maar niks op mijn Trust Wallet app ontvangen

What do I need to do to get my funds in the right wallet? I don’t understand why I’m seeing my funds in Dodge transaction screen

But it shows the transaction was sent! Is there a major delay? Going on 9 days

@UWILL you withdraw your Doge to your native doge wallet. If you want BE20 send them back to Binance and withdraw as DOGE BEP20 and use your BEP20 address to receive.


Is there a delay at safemoon that I do not have the coins on my wallet? This has been more than 5 hours since I sent it