Tokens not showing in wallet but balance shows under coin

Hi - purchased BDT (block duelers token) via uniswap and created a custom token to see my funds. My balance can be seen when I search for the token however there has been no update in terms of the balance on my wallet - I can only see this balance when I search for the newly added BDT token.

Please advise, thanks


Update - as per the comment below- not sure I want to risk clearing my app data and reimporting my wallet, think I’ll just settle for not seeing my balances :joy:

Update again- tried backing up my wallet but I have no option to test my recovery phrase, I have always had one set, I’m not sure this is enough though should I lose my phone?

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Kindly update your wallet from the Playstore or Apple store, if the problem persists, then clear app data and re-import your wallet.
Follow this link to learn how to backup your wallet How to Backup a Multi-Coin Wallet and recover wallet using this guide How to Import a Wallet via Recovery Phrase

I have asked for a withdrawal but I have not received anything

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Hello @Ilangalibalele, kindly create your own post with detailed information of your issue.
Thank you.