Tokens with no amount shown

Not seeing the value/amount of a token keeps me checking coingecko more than I’d like …I think it’s an important feature in a wallet to know how much you have at a glance…especially in crypto…Love my Trust wallet!!:v:


Nothing is wrong with your wallet, friend.
Currently the app shows only tokens with trading volume of 10,000 USD or higher…
And Market cap of 10,000 USD or higher.

This would be of help if you peruse:


I hope it did not seem that I implied something was wrong. With so many de-fi projects of the lower cap nature it would be nice to not have the cap @ 10 k imho. If the token is on coingecko (typically the link in the wallet) the price should show live me thinks. :thinking:


Coinmarket cap is mentioned quite a bit here. Actually it quite interesting and have downloaded the app for my phone. It shows all the top coins and not so top ones, plus it gives information about the tokens/coins etc. I recommend looking at it.

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I have been navigating all info on each coin, and I ta pretty much interesting on Trust Wallet


It’s either it’s not yet listed yet.


Hi all, Im having this strange issue where the amount of a certain token will appear, then disappear to 0.00 and reappear again when I refresh the app. It constantly does this. Can anyone provide any insight?

This may be a network issue.
Did you check also if you have the latest app update.