Не могу вывести. Подозреваю мошеничество

Хотел вывести деньги на Bybit. Но пришло вот такое письмо, что делать?

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12 март, 17:00



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Congratulations, you have met 91.2% of the security requirements to verify your funds.

To accredit your payment means and get the status of “validator vip” and get full access to your funds, follow the below instructions of your wallet.
In this way you will confirm your status within the current legislation.

  1. Make 5 transactions each in the amount of 1070 USDT

  2. Wait for 5 confirmations in the Blockchain network after finding the funds on your wallet, wait 15 minutes and make transactions in reverse order by the payment means of your choice.

  3. Withdraw the amount.

The recommended transfer time is 480 minutes.
Otherwise your funds may be blocked on withdrawal.

Sincerely Trust Wallet
Support inc.

@lizav28 That’s a scam, the only official email is [email protected].
Please download the .EML file from that mail and report it at support.trustwallet.com