Total balance is inaccurate


Everytime I remove liquidity from Pancake swap, I see the coins back in the wallet but one pair never gets counted towards my balance. For example, I’ll remove liquidity from bnb/swingby lp pool and my overall fiat equivalent balance will reflect the newly added BNB but not the SWINGBY. The same goes for bnb/zee, or bnb/swgb. Any idea what that is happening? I mean, I have access to those coins and continue to convert them, but why doesn’t the balance reflect them?

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Я купил XRP
Транзакция 7A7E6BF63490D91A7CCAE64084BBF37C2ADAE59799A61598C26DB0DD59259A45 имеет статус успешная
Но в кошельке отображает не точную сумму
Что делать?

I stake my cakes at swingby pool. But when i unstake cakes swingby tokens didnt recieved my trustwallet. When I check on the BSC scan, i can see my swingby tokens, but it still hasn’t been reflected in the trustwallet.

Hello trustwallet team i try to login my trustwallet but error showing me please help me out afdfd9c3d2095ef696594f6cedcae59e72dcd697e2a7521b1578140422a4f890