Trade and wallet issues

So yesterday I wasn’t really thinking and had transferred usdt to my trust wallet to trade for BNB. Later in my stupidity I realized that I cannot do that on trustwallet I knew that but for some reason at the time I just wasn’t thinking I don’t know I’m stupid really at myself. I’m from the US so a lot of the bridge websites weren’t working to transfer my usdt into a BNB.

I then decided to send my funds to binance us but I had to pay Ethereum fees. The fees went through but my coin is still in my trust wallet and not in my binance us wallet.

I waited quite a bit and then out of frustration I just tried to change my usdt into Ethereum and then just be done with it. It also took a fee out for doing that and still didn’t give me my ethereum. Now I’m out 60$ plus the money in USDT

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سلام،زمان ارسال همچنین اخطاری میده،باید چیکار کنم؟