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wanted to inform you that , I bought loom token from your pancake exchange for 108$ , then you gave me fewer than what I bought ( I’ll send you my evidence as an image attached ) . I’ve sold all of it . all of my looms . but the remaining money in my wallet is now 0.17 cents . what should I do now ? was wondering if you could help me out of this . thanks :pray:t3:

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Did you read about this token before investing on it?
Did you maybe check the liquidity on the token before swapping?

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I made multiple transactions from trust wallet, which succeeded.The tokens i sold got deducted from wallet however
I have not received any token bought from the first one.

could you provide me help on this issue please?

Wallet address - 0xE4ace245FaC10f7Fc3a0014B36a47F9f5f8fc982

Transaction hash

  1. 0x8214c5e5783cc46bf8dca576f32cb0ee26bd4ec39e290d967d89bc96643a4142
  2. 0xc7258410c1eac00b95cbf253757afc1282e834843b4cae98860666a7837d387b
  3. 0xf4da197b7add11117852552cee4df949ec29ac2e34a12e5aabc79e025c6281ec
  4. 0x6c57ef3a2e7ef1b8b4776cb21d5f82e5f74eff9ae6a581df444f2a693334f096
  5. 0x5ce9ea63e4af7d28db9438bab3adee8531e05ea1857ea381ac57a9d0723fbc16
  6. 0x1a73b5685891ba0e06739768d4e89ffaa176e81772c1afc05dfe918601d9885d
  7. 0xca2ddcbba2f91654b69d3af004ec988c0d0de4fc38d3602aaa92007cb2c28c78
  8. 0x6d5f8ca4966d1d2bc8f6fd05d20422990172481c334dbb55c50cf0edf0e58229
  9. 0xf0d16c7eee948c351951583769c01fe825dbfcbb9c0a2bb11c8f0346f5f26374