Trading your coins

I believe many people just hold their coins which is great but trading is much better. I’ve been into spot trading for a while now which is easier and I’ll like to get more enlightenment from professionals or if you’ll like us to share ideas and learn from each other. You can express your self below. Thanks


Trading is not suitable for everyone. Knowing when to take profits and cut your losses is important, many I know are not doing well not because they couldnt read charts, but not able to control their emotions when they are in trade positions…

Trade with care, there is no fixed successful method, what works for me might not work for you. If you are already having some success, then just continue what you are doing and not “try to improve” your strategy. Whatever works, it works… End of the day its the Nett Profit shown on your account that matters, not the win percentages or catching the top or bottom… Cheers


For trading must should know technical analysis. Beginner should not do trading.


I have issue to send BTC to another address .

I tried more time to send but told me about inputs error.

I don’t know why??


Dec and twt is the best coin now

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Are you able to see this transaction on the bitcoin network?

It depends if you are a long or short or medium time Investor.

Can someone tell me how I can transfer my bitcoin cash into BNB. Everytime I swap the Bitcoin cash is showing as 0 which it isn’t. I cant transfer it to Kraken because I keep getting the 403 error even though I used a QR Code.

I really need help.