Tranfering funds from wallet account to another one

Hello actually my wallet account is locked but I Will like to transfert my funds to another wallet


You need to have access on the source wallet before you could be able to make transactions.
When you mean locked out? Do you not have the recovery phrase of the wallet?


source wallet does that mean the original one that it was created?


Yes, the source is the original wallet. Wallet you are transferring from.

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What you meant by account locked ??? If you have access in the account then it’s no longer locked.

I think you were trying to send funds that are locked not the account. Locked funds can’t be transferred unless the person who locked the funds unlock them. For example, Bob participate in an event where he received some tokens. In order to control the dump of the token price he made a 3/6 etc months lock period. So in that case, Bob can’t transfer the funds before the lockup period.

Hello i have 3000 WIN I deleted trust app then i installed used recovery phrase but balance still 0

You might have restored a different wallet.
No way for us to assist you.
Restore the correct recovery phrase to gain access to the wallet.

How can i reffare person

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In order to refer your friends and family, you need to go to “settings” tab and there you will find “invite a friend” button, tap on it. Now click “invite friends” button and a sharable link will appear. Copy the link and share to your friends and family. It as easy as like that. Enjoy Trust Wallet.

Olá boa tade, gostaria de saber como faço para sacar ativos da Trust, tenho várias criptos, mas preciso sacar real, como faço?

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