Transaction error ( Bitcoin)

My transaction does not shows a transaction ID. After days of showing pending now it shows error!, and the money has not been sent back to me! How do I fix this? Where is my money?

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Hi there! Please be informed that you cannot cancel nor speed up the transaction using the app. You have to wait for the Bitcoin miners to confirm your transaction. It may take a lot of time if your network fee is low. If it is still pending for a long time, the network will automatically drop and cancel your tx.


I sent Bitcoin today to my friend. Sent from Coinbase to Trust Wallet. In Coinbase its successfully processed. In his Trust Wallet it says Error, but still he can see the Bitcoin I sent.

I sent 0,00020892 Bitcoin (approx 10$). What is weird: in this error status It says "network fee 0,00486129 BTC ($270,54) which doesn’t make sense for him as receiver and also regarding the amount for the sent BTC.

It’s the newest iOS Version, he just downloaded today. Can you please help what to do?

GUYS HELP!!! I sent btc this morning from my trust wallet to crypto com and it said pending the whole day it’s not coming back saying Error transaction and the btc hasn’t bounced back what do I do???