Transaction Error / Only Admin authorized

Hello. I withdrew Cake from the BunnyFi cake pool that pays rewards in cake and bunny tokens. I did not however have enough BNB to complete the transactions and the tokens were converted into Pancake LPs intead of BNB bep20. I also accidentally closed the final swap transaction screen when trying to complete a transfer of .722 BNB bep20 to BNB bep2
These transactions are about 13 days old and 9 days old respectively. I have spent days researching how to interact with the contract and I am not a programmer. I finally acquiesce and must ask for your help. I also have customer service experience and realize the massive influx of work that has come upon you! Thank you for all of your hard work! Please also thank the Master Chef for putting some of the factory contract details in laymens terms👍 Below I have listed my BNB bep 20 adress and the transaction hashes I believe to be in error. My wallet also contains a minimum of 45$ in each of the three different BNB accounts, bep2, bep20, and wrapped bep20 so there is sufficent money to pay for fees.

Transaction Hashes





Below is a picture of the current wallet software I am using. I recently removed the trust wallet from my phone and reinstalled and updated. I also tried mimicking the same exact transaction a couple of days later with no sucess.