Transaction failed on moonpay and never receive refund or anything

Have been contact through moonpay support and they don’t give any solutions about this charge

. almost 6 month i’ve got charged from my bank account and didn’t receive anything refund from bank , the transaction on my bank probably successfullly and how can moonpay said has already refunded that transaction without any proof or ARN number reference, i dont know what to do again with my money disappear already, bank and moonpay keep said to contact each other and dont give any solution to give my money back or give my crypto back to my account .

Does anyone have same problem with this ?

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Same happened to me. Still waiting for refund. If it remains like this, I’m going to sue moonpay as I have evidences of each issue and still do not have reply from them

Moonpay owes me over 1k and refuse to pay me back after transaction failed but still debited my bank account. How is this legal and how many other people is this happening to?