Transaction Fees for withdraw

Hi, Its too bad that when i want to buy the tokens from Dapps i should spend a lot of fees and for withdrawing from trustwallet i should pay bnb and i recieve low tokens at Destination

for the example i want to buy 10000000 token from pancake swap,
i recieve lower than the buyed number for example i recieve 9000000
and when i want to send the tokens to another wallet or exchange
i should pay bnb for network fees and at destination i recieve about 7500000 tokens
tell me why and how can i reduce it?

Hello @Farhangtunes every BEP20 transaction needs BNB BEP20 to cover transaction fees.

Some tokens have applied transaction fees for every transaction involving their tokens either buy/sell or transfer from one address to another, they will deduct some % from total transacted amount.

It’s better to read tokenomics of any project to know how it works before investing.

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