Transaction history does not update

When receiving Crypto, oftentimes the balance will update correctly, but the transaction history below doesn’t. Restoring the wallet doesn’t usually work either.


What crypto in particular are you seeing this issue?


I see it in Tezos, mainly.

Apologies, our devs are aware of the issue and has been working with the Tezos team to sort this out.
Rest assured the funds are safe. You can always check your balance and history on public explorers like,


Thank you so much for your follow-up and quick responses. Have a great day!

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Same issue with TRX for the past two days, total balance is updated but transaction history is not.

And sometimes I get transaction popup notification for incoming transaction but they don’t reflect in total balance.

Update your app to latest version of it helps

We are currently having some issues with Tron network.
You can always check your balances and transactions here:


On a similar, but related note, I staked a small amount (about 10 TRX - I just kep enough on the netowrk to be able to transfer/sell TRX10/20 tokens) and even after the 3 days (it’s been over a month) it will not let me unstake,. When I click the Unstake option, a dialogue states “Not Available”. Not sure if you aware of this issue or not, but thought I’d mention if helpful.

What is your TRX address so that we can check?

Sure. Thanks for looking into this.

This is what I found out:

There is 9.9TRX currently frozen.
However, it is not staked.
Try to stake the 9.9 first then unstake it after.


I have an issue too. I did a swap between BNB and Troy, but there isn’t any transaction history. I now see something to click on, but when I do the app crashes. Thx

Sir can u pls use coingecko algorithm to update balance cmc is long wait…

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When I check my transaction history on Trust, I only see one deposit.
I have the correct total amount on my wallet for all my transactions, but it only displays just one of a total of four transactions.
All of them are in Ethereums and where made last month.
I think I should be able to see all of them, right?
How can I update my history so it shows the four of them?

The app has limitations on what it can display on the transaction list.
This is being worked on to all more to be displayed.
If the balances are correct then I do not see an issue there.
You can always check transactions on Etherscan.