Transaction in processing 7 days


I’ve been waiting for this transaction for more than 7 days. Please help.


@Jamilie You need to wait till the transaction is confirmed or cancelled back to your wallet.


I’m waiting for 7 days… the commission was $80. Why do I experience such problems?


@Jamilie It depends on the network congestion. The issue isn’t from Trust wallet.


It’s been 10 days


Hi, I’m waiting transaction for 12 days. Help me for God’s sake. Hi, I’m waiting transaction for 12 days. Help me for God’s sake.

@Jamilie You could try searching for a wallet that supports speeding up BTC transactions and use that to speed it up.

Good evening. Could you please tell me the name of such a wallet? I don’t know what wallets there are, you can give an example.

@Jamilie You’d need to do your own research on that

What wrong with my transaction I don’t know why it not sending out I have to send it out please help me

@ENUEWEAYOI Please provide your app version and receiving address

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hi, i have the same problem.
can you check please?


V. 8.7.1

@Cryptoburner What exactly is the issue?
Can you state it and provide more detailed information

Hello this email go on my post what shoud ido?
The transaction corridor is blocked due to the cancellation of a large number of orders. An unconfirmed payment system ensures a transfer on your part through an additional resource. P2P trading is blocked.
Repeat the operation of the same size.
Time 6 o’clock.

@Danterock That’s most likely a scam email you have received, you should block and report such.