Transaction is still pending

I have sent bitcoins to my other address for more than 24 hours it is still pending.
If I transfer it gives me mempool error.

If I transfer it gives me dust error


@Finetobe4u You need to wait till your transaction is confirmed or cancelled back to your wallet.


Pls my own transaction is pending since yesterday now I need the money to get drugs for my wife pls help me

@Olamide1253 Please do not spam the forums.
If your transaction is pending, you need to wait till it is confirmed or cancelled back to your wallet. There’s no fixed ETA for that.
It is always advisable to not adjust the recommended fee by the Trust app to avoid issues like this.
Another option you could for if you want to speed the transaction up is search for a wallet that supports speeding up BTC transactions but you’ll need to do your research on that.

Alright I will take research on that but I don’t know how to do that I really need this money

I have done it by resending it with high fees but not go transaction error

My transaction has taken days to send out after I received quite easy pls help me solve this

@Timsdale Can you please explain what you mean by that ?

how long to withdrawal usdt from trust to Binance ? already wait 3 hours still stuck on pending

@hyoasakura Do you have a transaction hash ? If it wasn’t broadcasted to the blockchain yet, then a wallet reimport would fix it and you can try to send out again.

From unstaking it has been 2 days and still I cannot withdraw ethereum in my wallet. Please help me someone please. I need this money urgently please

@vergazz There is a lock period for staked tokens after unstaking, please check to see what period your staked tokens have left.