Transaction issue since about 48hrs, sent to Binance

I sent money from my Trust Wallet to Binance since about 48hrs ago and I was told told the transaction was successful in my Trust Wallet but the money wasn’t received in the Binance.

Kindly help me to solve this issue please.

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Oops, have you later seen your money then because it doesn’t show up in my account neither where I transferred it to and I have fed up

Hi @Vilcky,

Please reach out to the customer support of Binance directly so they can assist you with the deposit issue.

Thanks for the response sir,

I don’t know where to contact them…can you okere help me out?

Are you using to trade? Or other versions like

I don’t know anything about Binance because I’m just using only Trust Wallet sir

But you mentioned this earlier:

How could you not know Binance anymore?

Hey I have a similar problem but I tried sending my BTC with a low gas fee from trust wallet and now it’s pending in trust wallet for over 16 hours. Can I cancel, change gas fee?

i have a similar problems, i transfer usdt & bnb from binance to trust wallet, the status is complete, and there is notification recieve bnb in trust wallet but my balance still 0…

anyone can help me or tell me how to contact customer services or help account for trust wallet?