Transaction network fee

App version: 8.16.1
anytime I tried to send USDt trc20 the network fee keep increasing even when I already top up enough TRX it’s keep increasing when I’m about to transfer USDt… the more I keep buying enough TRX to transfer USDt trc20 the TRX network fee increases more and more. Please help me solve this issue

My USDt trc20 address:

Transferring to THbYZ7cYnyktD2U8697PdAJ1jizoa1sTBr


@Eddie01 There is no USDT on this address and also this wallet appears compromised since TRX is sent out immediately it’s received.


I have 2464 USDt on my wallet address
I tried to transfer 1000 to the receiver’s address but this network fee issues keep rising .


@Eddie01 This is your address and there is nothing like that there.

idk how to post an issue to im just going to respond to your reply. I have 57.2 USDT trc20 on my wallet and even if i try sending a dollar, it says I have to top up TRX even though I have enough

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@sam16 You need to have TRX for gas fees. Check and ensure your TRX is also on the TRC20 chain and not another.

I have enough USDt trc20 gas fee for transfer, but yet they keep increasing gas fee

@Eddie01 Can you provide your receiving address.

I tried 2 receiving address which is
THbYZ7cYnyktD2U8697PdAJ1jizoa1sTBr and TZDqEQcMJhVtPYkE5rY356rs8se1Bq1Sh2

@Eddie01 No I mean provide the address you’re trying to send USDT from.

Here is the USDt trc20 address I’m sending from .

@Eddie01 There is no USDT on this address