Transaction not completing/stuck


I sent ETH from an external wallet to TRUST. After 11 hours of “pending” it showed up in my ETH wallet as “error.” It will sometimes switch from “Error” to “Pending” but nothing comes of this, and I quickly get the error message again.

I have a tnx address, and while it isn’t found on blockchain, it still tells me I’m pending on ETH scan: 0x692567fe7ea8c7a431de60c729af12895ad4e4751427453e564080da3071f40d Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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In trust wallet it says that my BNB transaction (I swapped on pancakeswap) is still pending after 1 day. Shall I follow the same steps to cancle my transaction as with ETH (send 0 BNB to my adress with the same nonce as the stuck transaction)?

For those curious, this has been resolved. Sending another transaction with the same Nonce did the trick.

Nothing was wrong, I just didn’t know what I was doing. lol. Crypto is tricky.