Transaction pending for more then 10

Can someone help me please?
I did a Bnb transfer from Trustwallet to Binance but is still on pending for more then 10 hours.
There is no transaction ID or any other information on Bscscan.
One night before did the same and was instant only few minutes went to Binance. On both uses Bep20 network.
Any help much appreciated

Please some Help here aswell, muchly appreciated .

trasaction hash
591Safemoon for 8.87 Wbnb: 0x26853fb802668c32d55df2c8dbdea313338aabc4182d4bb9e8b882dec40085b4

257M Safemoon: 0x540e296c1b146f27cad832b3ce0b6be4f2f9a9ba9c796736203c2154d8750d98

Photo 1, Pre swap 705M safemoon
Photo 2 swap #1 186M Safemoon (where did it go? didnt recieve?)
Photo 3 Swap #2 257M safemoon (where did it go? didnt recieve?)
After these two transactions when we can count there shoukd be around 213M safem,oon left. See photo! NONE LEFT

What happended? I seen another swap 561M safemoon (did is add up? is possible?) But hwere did it go?
Safemoon to WBNB nothing recieved.

All happend during the error around AMS time 17:15PM

WOUL love your help please :pray: