Transaction problem from my PointPay account.

Hello, yesterday I made a transaction from my PointPay account, I can see it in my history. The transaction Id is the following : 0x0bc4cf2e26eea50a8aa0f0710defce1e65990693001ffc632bb99870a2fad683

On their website it is marked as completed but when I click on the transaction to see it on etherscan it says TxnHash cannot be located. Also I didn’t receive the funds to my trustwallet adress and I doubled check my adress which is the following : 0x8b1A6e6a987655Fc4916143ea045d71Dc605C813

I also tried to reload my wallet and the funds didn’t appear. My app version is 1.28.8

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I have same problem i cant see my funds i sent it from point pay too i dont know what to do

Did you find your funds bro i dont find it yet nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn