Transaction successful but not in the trustwallet please help.

I transfer 58100 of dogboss to this address 0x2B1c347BfCEE6b0339a7DF1F800cf1eF0f39A617 from this address 0x884980C2019ca30998628327A502C52105434244. But i don’t

see it since yesterday. Please help.

Hello @ceeza05 is the destination address on Trust wallet? If yes, try to add as custom token. If not, contact the support of the destination address.

@tokimay it is how the token economics of the token you are holding works. I advise you to go and read about it on the project’s docs. You can contact Dogboss project team for clarification too.

I think i did not explain it clear. The transaction success with an error And token balance in wallet is decreasing by time In bscan it is the main balance but not in wallet
This is my wallet:

And IUP is the token
In my walket it is less than 315000000