Transaction suspended

Hi, for more than 24 hours I have sent 0.16 ETH but my transaction is suspended. Entering Etherscan tells me that it is impossible to locate the TxnHash, how can I unlock or solve?
My App is updated, Thanks


Please do a re-import of the wallet:
Here is a guide: How to Re-Import your Wallet

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Thanks Zachzwei, I restored the wallet and redid the transaction … everything went well.
Is it possible to restore even when the transaction fails, or is it valid when it cannot find the TxnHash?

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Re-importing is only advised if the transaction hash is not showing anything.
If there is an actual transaction that is pending, you can follow this guide instead: Pending "Stuck" Transactions

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Thanks Zachzwei. :+1:


Today I moved from trust wallet to coinbase wallet, crypto xrp and despite the report telling me that everything is ok, I see suspended transactions on the trust wallet … why? Hello!

Ho transazioni sospese in BNB il procedimento e lo stesso ?? Solo che metto in BNB. ??? Poi ho un altro problema spesso le transazioni mi lascia in sospeso oppure non me le fa fare. Come posso fare? Ci sono aggiornamenti o qualcosa che posso fare? Utilizzo iOS
E lo collego a pancake. Grazie in anticipo

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