Transactions are unable to proceed when sending without Memo/Destination Tag

This article explains a SAFU protection to prevent users from accidentally sending without a Memo or Destination Tag.

When sending crypto to an address that requires a Memo or Destination Tag, the following error will show up. No need to worry, there is nothing wrong with your wallet.

Trust Wallet has added this feature that automatically checks the recipient address against a list of known Exchange addresses. You need to go Back to the previous screen and put in the required Memo or Destination Tag in order to proceed with the transaction.

Always check the compatibility with the currency you are trying to send. It is the users responsibility to determine the Memo or Destination Tag of the receiving wallet. Without the correct information, your tokens might not be credited to your account or it could even get lost. Crypto transactions are irreversible, so always check the destination wallet before you hit Send.

To learn more about Memo and Destination Tags, please read this article: