Transection status failed and no refunded

Trustwallet transection failed and i did not get refund back to my wallet, i sent gala erc20 from trust wallets to binace gala erc20 address and the transection faild. How can i get back the token to my wallet. Plz help me i will glad to you. Thsnks

Trust wallet showing recipient address 0xdc41346Ae27f31AbE14510fE0886a78cF0113197
And my recipient address is erc20 0xa9adcd7e7d12c8fb1fe26b4fd2da0ebee647a29b

And tnx hash 0x7d8b2f0a8807560e8afd86515390d891e5bcb85cb5a4d93af1cb4f8a70228909

Trustwallet reciving address erc20 0x563885C9cceC885e1E4d334c6d8A44a1Ffc57980

Hello @mrali24 what you are showing and saying does not make any sense , see

does this address belong to you ?

you sent your GALA here, and there are no errors on the blockchain.


What do you want a refund for? , it is the blockchain, no transaction is reversible.

0xA9adcD7E7D12c8fb1fE26B4Fd2DA0ebEe647a29b i did not recive the token in my binace account

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Please check on the blockchain see , it’s in your binance account or wait some hours :

Other than that , we can’t help you . Or you can ask to binance but as you can see on the blockchain everything is ok .