Transfer BNB coins from trust wallet to Binance

I have transfer BNB coins from trust wallet to binance account with the same address I have transfer from binance to trust wallet, I can see on trust wallet transactions has gone trought and successful on binance chain it the coins didn’t arrive on binance account, I have contact binance and advise me to contact trust wallet to return the transaction and trust wallet and do it again with memo, the transaction from binance to trust wallet wasn’t request memo any advice pls

Hi @Losodete , sorry there’s no way to return an already confirmed transaction, the only one who can help is Binance as your token already left trust wallet to Binance.
Try to follow this guide: How to Retrieve Crypto Deposit with Wrong or Missing Tag/Memo | Binance Support

You may contact them here as well:

Hi Alan,

Thank you for your reply, but I have all ready contact binance, they told me to contact trust wallet? Who shall I trust

@Losodete you sent your funds from Trust Wallet to Binance isn’t it? Can you tell me where are your funds now? On trust wallet or Binance wallet? However create the ticket on link I shared above. May help.

Hi there the coins a no were, there are not on trust wallet and they are not on binance