Transfer from Squid Token (SQUID) to MicroPets (PETS) not showing in Trust Wallet

Hi there,

I initiated a transfer via Trust Wallet Dapps on Poocoin, the transfer was Squid Token (SQUID) to Micropets. The value transferred was the equivalent of 1.99 BNB, upon transferring I didn’t receive the equivalent in MicroPets (PETS) token. I had a look on BSC Scan and it says that the transaction was successful yet the equivalent amount hasn’t appeared in my Trust Wallet… only what I had in there previously.

I have noticed that if I attempt the transfer (as a test) on the native website for Squid Token which is AutoShark it registered the correct value but elsewhere it doesn’t. The only reason I didn’t use the native site for the transfer is because ‘Micropets’ wasn’t available to transfer to so I had to use Poocoin as I normally do for most transactions.

The transaction hash is 0x90f813d4ecf0d113fd10881be664878a7fa0393fa5215c5e359ea19327a48341

My Trust Wallet version is 2.12 (Latest)

I have included a screenshot of the native site (Autoshark) showing the same value in Squid Token (SQUID) and what the expected BNB receiving balance would have been - Keep in mind that this is a test to prove that the value is true.

Can you please help me.

Hello @JamesD90 if error occurred during swapping (you received less than what you expected), contact platform/exchange used during swapping. This is not Trust wallet error.