Transferred amount but not received in other platform

Hello , I have tried transfer my shib coin from trust wallet to Bibox app . Which the trust wallet indicated completed , yet I didn’t receive the coins in the bibox app and the was no history of transaction in bibox. I have contacted the bibox support , and they told me to find the support of transferred platform.
Attached below is my txid, all the screenshot needed . Thanks
Txid: 0xe8b5Fd53d84e9ff80ad330B6BdB2F4003fEC0493
Deposit address bibox:


Sorry , the txid is

Hello @Edward22 your SHIB tokens transferred successfully from Trust wallet to your destination address. And balance is there in your destination address currently.
Scan your destination address on explorer you’ll see them.

If they didn’t reflect on your Bibox balance, this is no longer our issue and we’ve nothing to do with it.

Contact Bibox for support.

Can you please provide me with the correct txid ?
Since the transaction hash by wallet is not found in the explorer .

Here: Binance Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | BscScan

You sent via BSC blockchain.

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