Transferred BNB to Binance never received

Tried transferring my BNB to Binance from my Trust Wallet and it was never received in my Binance account. How do I recover this?


Hi I am facing the same thing…I have been cheated…the
My coin was short I exchanged 20$ and purchasers 100percenct JulD and was give ust 7$…I don’t understand your support team to be honest

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I lost mines too that over $500 gone but where do I start???

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I never received my 2 binance coins from this transaction. I provided three screenshots about this transaction to help retrieve these currencies back into my wallet. That’s almost $500 unaccounted for it’s very frustrating for me. Please help me out.


I sent Eth to my Binance wallet and have not received it more than $600 someone please help??


Cant i help you? If you send binance and Tranfers status succes you go to support binance send you tx hash,Screenshot

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Me too let me know as well

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I just sent my bitcoin over to my binance wallet and it’s still empty and it’s 0 on trust wallet now too!!


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Hi @scotthomer, @Wheeler8789, @Thatone, and @coffeeguy101,

Please contact the customer support of Binance so they can assist you. Give them the transaction hash as well.


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I am running into the same problem. It may be related to the Memo field. Here is a screen shot of the transaction in my Trust Wallet and the Binance Block explorer. You can see the Memo field missing in the transaction but its in the Trust wallet transaction. I submitted a ticket Binance.

Well it wont let me upload the screen shots but the Memo is missing from the block chain transaction but it was put into the Trust Wallet transaction.

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Not sure what I was looking at but the Memo is there on the Blockchain. All addresses are correct. Still waiting on Binance support but this appears to be a Binance problem, not a Trust Wallet problem.

Yes me too, same thing happened to me! $420 worth on BNB I bought on coinflip 2 days ago and it’s not on my Binance wallet! I taught I was the only one going thru this problem. The memo field is correct on the blockchain transaction page which you can check yours too at… binance.mintscan .io . I’ve contacted binance and still no reply yet! Very frustrating since the market will soon go up and i will lose on my trades…

Well I have three tickets in with Binance and no response yet. This is 3K worth of BNB so I am annoyed. Something went wrong on their end…I can only hope BNB goes up in price while I wait.

Did you get this resolved? I just had the same problem

Happened to me as well, lost $2K worth of BNB. How did you all get these screenshots? I did not take any since I was assuming it’ll just work smoothly…silly me.


Same Thing is happening to me, missing 800$ worth, I have contacted Binance and they havent responded after around 5 days. Have you resolved the issue yet?