Transferred my AVAX from finance to trustwallet

Can you also look into my issue? I just transferred my AVAX from finance to trustwallet using BSC and its showing confirmed but on trustwallet app its not reflecting my avax. TXID : 0xc88eeeb9eff3193acf9d48c19ef0a4f4e6fd5e8b02c65cb6053a01f7d94572f9

The wallet I’ve used - 0xAC74430079B4Ff7304e3c82B0cB8b92d17983dE2

Hello @hexon31 you received your funds and transferred to another address, here’s transaction: Binance Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | BscScan

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Thank you. I just use the peg address. Its all good now

Thank you so much