Transferred XRP from Binance to trust wallet gone missing

Hello Support

Please respond.
I transferred 70.5 XRP from Binance to the trust wallet but only received 50 XRP in the trust wallet.
Can you please tell me why my XRP went missing?

Please someone please help me.
I have also tried the support steps there is no help.


There is a transaction fee of 0.21 XRP (BSC) or 0.25 XRP (XRP) depening on the network you choose. Did you count that in?


having the same problem, i sent 21 xrp but only got 1,3? dont know what to do…


just figured it out, the xrp wallet holds 20 wich you cant do anything with apparently? wish i knew that before lol

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Yes after that. As well
I had 75 after deduction it was 70.5. Still I received on 50

What is this?
It means we lost around 20XRP or we will get it back when we transfer from trust to binance to sell?

i quickly glossed over it but from what i saw is you need to pay 20 rpx to have a wallet, and you get like 15 back once you destroy the wallet or something. but like i said i glossed over it so dont qoute me on in

I also checked that. It says it’s wallet charges.
But every time I transfer every time they will charge 20 XRP?

i think its a one time thing not sure tho. pretty new to all of this. good learning experience hahaha.

I have the same issue and I transfer 30 XRP but only show me 10 XRP !! Can anybody help me ??

Hello @Nimsol There is a 20 XRP fee required in order to activate an XRP wallet. This is set by the XRP network and not by the app.
Read more: How to Create and Activate your XRP Wallet